An enlightened family. Or rather, a family that has been passionately dedicated to lighting for more than 50 years. All that is needed, in fact, is to mention the name Sozzi to explain this bright entrepreneurial story, established precisely thanks to the intuition of “cavalier” (Sir) Mario Sozzi who, from the sixties to the mid-nineties, drove with energy and vision the family business, specialized in the construction of lighting fixtures. Meanwhile, however, the contagious love for lighting persuaded daughter Rosella and son Francesco to give life to Krea Design, founded with the aim to diversify the family company’s products, positioning itself in new business fields. Since the start of the new millennium, Krea Design has specialized in the construction of devices that combine decorative appearance with complex electronic technologies.  Since 2011 the company has adopted Led technology, applying it to previous catalogue productions. In recent years Krea Design begins production of the bed head unit for Care Homes and Hospitals: a seal of this project, Krea Design adopts the ISO 13485 procedure to be recognized by the Ministry of Health and certified as a manufacturer of electro medical equipment.


Krea Design follows its own motto of organization and efficiency in its deep meaning: 

• Professionalism of its staff
• Adoption of the most advanced technologies
• Productive flexibility
• Commercial versatility
• Business far-sight

Speed in fulfilling orders has always been part of the Krea Design philosophy, a feature that is also evident in the short time needed to draw up an estimate or evaluate a special request.
Replies to clients are always fast and timely, always attentive to their real needs and with a careful evaluation of technical problems. The commercial staff, together with the technical office and design team, is always able to satisfy special requests, such as the creation of small series of “custom made” fittings. This ability, which goes far beyond the mere personalization of colours or finishes, allows us to produce models to the client’s exclusive design.


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